Selected Recordings

Sorgenfri (2023). Bass and production.

Torbjörn Righard “Touch the Music” (2023). Basses occasional guitar and remix.

Samuel Ljungblahd & Bohuslän Big Band feat the Mamas “The Soul of Christmas” (2022). Electric and upright bass.

Live in Malmö (2022). Andi Almqvist w band in a live concert. Basses by me and production by Andi and me. Also mixed by me.

Fogelboo (2019). A new quartet without chord instrument and with electric bass. Mix and master by me and some arrangements too..

Lisa Frangeur “Ceilings and Floors” (2019). A vocal album with songs written, sung and played by Lisa. Chamber-pop might be the proper genre definition. I contribute with bass-playing and mix.

Andi Almqvist “Tiltad” (2018) is an album I would define as singersongwriter-punk and I co-produced it with Andi and play bass and did some occasional overdubs on vocals, guitar and percussion.

Torbjörn Righard “Leaving Elm Street” (2017). The follow-up to “Silent Room” and the second in a yet incomplete trilogy. Moody and visual jazz, almost for meditation I think!

Mimi Terris “Den Stora Skalan” (2017) Acoustic Bass.

Anders Bergcrantz “Soulfully Yours” (2017)
Electric Bass on a couple of tracks.

Monica Hoffman “Snowbound” (2016)
Playing double bass on this jazzy christmas album in the company of the great Tim Ray on piano and Rasmus Kihlberg on drums.

Martin Branqvist “Reflections” (2016)
Bassplaying on my old friends album. Nordic jazz/fusion might be the most correct genre-label..

Imla “Birdcage” (2016)
Sweet pop-soul w singer Imla. An album that’s been waiting a long time to be released but very welcome!! More info and buy/listen links here!

ola åkerman explosion
Ola Åkerman Explosion! (2014)
Funky jazz or jazzy funk! Whatever!.. Click here to hear a sample where I’m exceptionally  proud to be part of this project. With Ola’s compositions and a nice/evil band featuring Marcus Liliequist (drums), Måns Mernsten (keys), Magnus Lindeberg (guitar) and me. Recorded live and together w no overdubs. And I did the mix..

Hopeplattan kom
Mats Ingvarsson’s HOPE (2014)
My own album, mostly my tunes and definitely my production was released at the end of may.
CD/info/reviews available here and downloads here.

Almaz Yebio “Down to Earth” (2013)
Production and bass.

Sofi Sun & Rain
Sofi Hellborg “Sun & Rain” (2013)

Torbjörn Righard
Torbjörn Righard “Silent Room” (2012)
Bass and mix.

Rejoice Gospel Choir “Wrappin up” (2011)
Production and bass.

Tania Naranjo Latin Trio “La industria del miedo” (2011)

Do norte
A Bossa Elétrica “Do Norte” (2010)

swing al dente
Swing al Dente
(2010) Production, recording and bassplaying!

Drumming is Calling
Sofi Hellborg “Drumming is Calling” (2008)
Bass and mix.

Soul Quality Quartet “Dip” (2006)
Production and bass.



Un-x-pected Pleasure “Informal Talking” (2006)
Recording and bass.


Sofi To Give is to Get
Sofi Hellborg “To Give is to Get” (2006) Featuring Tony Allen!!!

Junior Senior “Hey Hey My My Yo Yo” (2005)

EletrificacaoA Bossa Elétrica “Eletrificacao” (2004)

almazCDAlmaz Yebio “Almaz” (1999)